2017’s Best TV Shows You Can’t Miss


With so much to see and seek on TV in the coming months, we had to share what is going to the best these networks have to offer. Some returning seasons, but most of the list is introducing brand-new premiering series that you cannot miss. Romance, suspense, thrill, and drama- here is what you should be expecting in 2017!

Finally, after waiting three years (and a few months after the 2016 Special) to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s face as Sherlock again- the time is here. Season 4 of Sherlock is said to be the best yet with shocking romances, hidden secrets and, apparently, it is no longer a game to anyone involved.

In the teaser trailer we see Cumberbatch completely shattered beyond any display of humanity he has ever exhibited before and confessing his love to someone, but whom? Although the Sherlock season 4 series began airing on January 1st, you still have plenty of time to catch up on the last 3 seasons (and special) to see what exactly is going to happen to the poor detective in this seemingly vulnerable and exciting season.