How Angie Harmon Is Making Her 40s Her Most Beautiful Decade Yet

Actress and model Angie Harmon doesn’t look any different than she did when she first made her mark in Hollywood nearly 26 years ago. Some may say it’s because she hit the genetic lottery—it doesn’t hurt that both of her parents were models, too—while others may credit her flawless skin and to-die-for body to simply taking care of herself. But no matter which way you slice it, Angie says her look hasn’t veered all that much from when she first burst onto the scene because she knows what works for her.

“I love a good, fun trend, but I’ve learned to stick more with the classics and what looks good on me,” says the mother of three. “I feel best when I’ve got a little bit of a tan, a great coat of mascara on my lashes and soft, shiny hair, which is pretty much what I’ve always worn, and still do.”

The beauty secrets that Angie learned at a younger age have stuck with her throughout her life. “Over the years, I learned a lot of tricks that I still use. François Nars taught me to line the inside of my top eyelids. I’m dark-haired and have dark features and there needs to be some sort of balance. This makes my eyes pop a little bit.”