Taylor Swift’s Squad: Everything You Need To Know

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has delighted the world with her all-American charm, becoming the cool girl that everyone wants to be friends with. One of the key components of Swift’s empire is her bastion of loyal friends, a group of celebrities that have become collectively known as her squad. Since it seems that Taylor makes friends with whomever the next “It” celeb is, the squad has seen a lot of new faces from time to time, so here is your guide to T-Swift’s elite pack of friends.

Taylor Swift

Let’s start with the ringleader herself, miss Taylor Alison Swift. The singer was born in December 1989 and started out in the early 2000s as a country singer with hits such as, “Our Song” and “Teardrops on My Guitar.” The unassuming country singer skyrocketed into popularity over subsequent years, having starred in Valentine’s Day and releasing more albums. Over time, her albums became more and more pop-oriented, straying from her country roots.

Fast forward to today, Swift has built up a reputation as a serial dater and a victim of the music industry. Love her or hate her, Swift is a mega-pop phenomenon with a ton of success. With each wave of success, Swift would almost always pick up a new set of friends.