The Most Breathtaking Celebrity Weddings Of All Time

The average wedding in America costs just north of $32,000. For that price, you can hire a DJ, buy a wedding dress, feed all of your friends, and rent out a beautiful space for your special day. But what happens when you’re an A-list celebrity with a seemingly endless supply of cash and a lot of famous friends? Oftentimes, a complete spectacle ensues. From George Clooney and John Legend planning Italian getaways for all of their family and friend’s to Kate Moss’ three-day festival themed extravaganza, these celebrities know how to get married in style.

Former News Anchor Marries A Spanish Prince

It was one of the fairytale wedding stories of the century as this Spanish anchorwoman has traded in her news-reporting job for royal duties. The citizens of Spain were pretty much glued to their televisions on May 22, 2004, when Prince Felipe married Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, a divorced former journalist. Rocasolano’s marriage to the Spanish prince effectively made her Queen Letizia of Spain in a ceremony that cost $29 million. The wedding itself was on the brink of disaster as heavy rains threatened to drench Letizia’s entrance and caused a 15-minute delay, but thankfully the rain eventually cleared and the wedding went off without a hitch.