Who Is America's Sweetheart in 2018?

There is no shortage of well-liked female celebrities in the world and they are all most definitely girlfriend material. With all the talented, attractive, and popular actresses and celebrities out there, how can you pick just one? Unfortunately, only one leading lady can serve as America's girlfriend in 2018—though she need not be born in the USA. Just a favorite among 'Mericans. Which of these popular women do you think would make the perfect girlfriend?

The ever charming Emma Stone, riding off the 2017 La La Land success, could definitely land a spot as America's leading lady. Or maybe Luptia Nyong'o's Black Panther fame will help her win America's heart. Other favorite actresses include Tomb Raider Alicia Vikander, The Good Place star Kristen Bell, and Star Wars heroine Daisy Ridley.

It's not just actresses that could end up the quintessential American girlfriend of 2018. Singers like country gal Carrie Underwood or ever-controversial Taylor Swift could top the list as well. Models (Cara Delevigne), comedians (Kate McKinnon), and other female celebrities (Kendall Jenner) may also end up the "It Girl" of 2018.

Which of the hottest female celebrities would you want to spend a day with? Cast your vote for America's girlfriend  and add anyone we missed to the list. 

Anne Hathaway

Age: 35

Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America

Anne Hathaway is also ranked:

 #55 on The Hottest Celebrities of All Time

#38 of 1,260 The Most Beautiful Women In Hollywood

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